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ArtCycle Kids is an enrichment program that uses cycling to teach children teamwork, sportsmanship, social/emotional skills, and discipline.


Bicycling is perfect for children. Kids are full of energy and the benefits of physical exercise are well-documented. Exercise increases positive emotions, boosts confidence, and helps with self-regulation. Bicycling is a form of self-expression that kids of all ages can enjoy that provides an athletic outlet and an opportunity to hone social skills.


Social engagement, creativity, and physical activity help kids learn valuable team-building skills, and they are more likely to develop a growth mindset.  Coaches work with children to help them understand the importance of positive risk-taking and how physical and mental challenges are a great opportunity to learn something new. We help kids savor their successes and learn from challenges. Children increase self-efficacy each time they struggle through a challenge and complete a task.


In our lessons and demonstrations, children are very engaged and love every aspect of the experience.  To ensure that we create high-quality experiential learning sessions, we limit class size. We teach kids to be persistent, patient, proud of their achievements.


Research shows that participation in sports offers psychological and social benefits for children of all ages. Organized sports increase children’s well-being and confidence while teaching them important social skills. Bicycling helps kids to develop coordination skills and to become attuned to their physicality. It is essential to instill an exercise habit at a young age because sports offer benefits that are essential throughout the life span.


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Balance bikes are easier for young kids to manage than 12′′ bikes with training wheels. 

Uneven surfaces are easier to navigate on a balance bike. 

Balance bikes are lightweight and easier to handle than regular bikes, so kids ride longer. 

Balance bike gives the child the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities.

Kids never need training wheels. The transition from a balance to pedal bike just happens. 

Child Safety is paramount, we provide your child with a solid platform for confident sport participation, in which children are challenged to work hard and maintain a growth mindset. Learning to learn and enjoying the process are important aspects of any discipline.  Our ArtCycle coaches provide clear guidelines to engage students in the learning process, and we know structure and rules of comportment make kids feel safe.

"In the battle of balance bike vs training wheels, balance bikes are the clear winner!"
                                                       TWO WHEELING TOTS


​Our ArtCycle coaches provide clear guidelines to engage students in the learning process, and we know structure and rules of comportment make kids feel safe. 

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